We aim to back Korea's most talented entrepreneurs.

Great ideas exist everywhere, but they need capital. Networks are also critical components in setting up founders for success. We aim to create diversified tech portfolios by providing early-stage investment through our Korea fund and global fund for startups in South Korea.

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Based in Seoul, 500 Korea was started to further our investments in the region.


We bring startups to the next level.

We provide in-house accelerator programs for in-house portfolio companies by 500 Global’s mentors.

The Bridge:
Insights into Korea

We’ve collected insights and stories from some of our top performing startups, partners, and mentors in the 500 Global ecosystem. Whether you are a founder looking to learn the latest in growth hacking and get our latest updates and announcements or a fellow investor looking to find what is the latest in early-stage investing, you’ll find the best insights on our blog.